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Grilled Halloumi Cheese 8.95

With za’atar and red pepper coulis

(za’atar is arabic thyme mixed with dried oregano, sesame seeds and olive oil)


Delicious Asparagus Mint and Lemon Risotto 10.95


Aubergine and Mint Bruschetta 8.95

A bruschetta is a kind of open sandwich full with delicious tomatoes, olives and basil.

Classic italian recipe, served with side salad


Ratatouille 7.95

Fresh vegetables diced and slow cooked in garlic, olive oil and spicy tomato sauce,

topped with grated cheese and served with crusty bread or rice


Vegetable Lasagne 7.95

Delicious mixed vegetables cooked in a rich homemade tomato sauce topped

with grated cheddar cheese, served with side salad and garlic bread


Stilton and Mushroom Penne Pasta 8.95

Rich and creamy stilton and mushroom sauce, served with garlic bread


Signature Vegetarian Stir Fried Rice 8.95

With garlic, spring onion, oyster sauce, soy sauce and fresh yoghurt


All meals are cooked fresh, as requested, with locally sourced products

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