Signature Steakhouse - Starters

Before You Start

Hummus Platter £9.50

Served with olives, carrot and cucumber sticks and pitta bread



Tomato & Basil Soup £5.50

Served with fresh crusty bread


Brandy & Chicken Liver Paté £6.50

Served with fresh crusty bread


Chilli Beef Bruschetta £7.50

Chilli minced beef layered onto bruschetta & topped with cheese


Sauteé Mushrooms £6.25

A selection of wild mushrooms and garlic, with a fresh toasted ciabatta and a balsamic reduction


Chilli Garlic Prawns £8.95

Served with rocket salad and crispy pancetta


Salt and Pepper Calamari £6.95

Served with salad and a red pepper coulis


Salmon & Vegetable Kebab £7.25

Served with a mediterranean salad


Chicken Kebab £7.25

Tender pieces of chicken in a barbecue sauce served with a mediterranean salad


Goats Cheese and Beetroot Salad £6.95

Goats cheese and fresh beetroot on a bed of mixed salad leaves


Deep Fried Breaded Camembert £6.50

Served with crusty bread and cranberry sauce


Halloumi & Red Pepper Salad £7.25

Halloumi and Red Pepper on a bed of mixed salad leaves


To Share

Moules Mariniére £14.25 for 2 people

Served with fresh crusty bread


Carpaccio of Beef £19.95 for 2 people

Tender beef served with stilton cheese and balsamic vinegar on crusty bread

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